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In the event of School Closure...In the rare event of school closure for an extended period due to earthquake or other catastrophic event please navigate to our class on Use your password to log in to your online folder. You will find two weeks of materials there which you should complete from Ch. 15. There are assignments totalling 50 minutes per day, five days per week. Be sure to check this website for periodic updates to homework or other communications. Please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail with questions or concerns. Mr. Thompson.

Homework is due by the date following the day assigned, unless otherwise excused by the teacher. There is either a test or a quiz every part of the homework Friday is to study for the Test. Parents & students please check back here regularly to confirm and reinforce homework, which contributes 10% to a student's grade (the difference between an A and a B, or a C and a D).

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What is the Relationship Between Understanding and Knowledge in Our Science Class?

Note to Parents;
My ideas concerning teaching and learning in my science classroom have changed markedly in the 21 years since I began my career. In that time I have come to understand that the intersection between the lesson I am teaching and how my students learn is as diverse as the students in my classrooms. I have taught grade levels fifth through college and have been closely involved with new teacher training. Through these various experiences, however, I have come to some foundational understandings which influence my daily practice in your son or daughter's successful classroom learning.

The power of learning lies within every student and it is the duty of the teacher to give students the time and opportunity to realize this fact by creating a classroom that reinforces this basic notion. Reinforcing opportunities for student empowerment and development of student voice in the classroom is enhanced by giving them opportunities to contribute to real-world problem-solving through authentic community-based activities.

A curriculum that is student-centered and student-generated through background experiences is one where students have regular opportunity to do the one thing that is paramount to embedded learning; teaching. I believe that the roll of students as teachers in the classroom; given the opportunity to teach to the whole class, provides great empowerment and deeply embedded learning.

We all have a need to belong, to contribute, and when students are given the opportunity to collaborate across broad networks both within and outside of the school and lead by influence they tap into one of education's greatest resources. Think back to a time in your own life when you had to teach someone something. When you took part in their learning. How deeply did you yourself learn it to begin with and when you were done how well did you know what you taught?

Critical thinking and problem-solving coupled with curiosity and imagination are the four cornerstones of my science classroom. These are 21st Century skills along with accessing and analyzing information, entrepreneurialism, initiative, and adaptability. But it is also my belief that other skills such as memorization, repetitive practice, and determination are essential components of learning and success in today's world. This is the essential distinction between knowledge and understanding; both essential skills in the 21st Century and both interdependent on one another.

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